Yoga – The Balance Of The Body And The Spirit

Yoga isn’t just focused on stress relief or calming oneself. No, yoga represents an art that helps one to reach a state in which both their body and their mind are at peace. It’s not easy to arrive at that state as it took me more than a decade even though I dedicated my life to yoga. But you don’t have to do that because yoga is the path to the goal as much as it is a goal.

The connection between the body and the mind

Yoga SpiritThere is one thing that all of you have to realize, and that is what makes us human. You aren’t just a sum of flesh and bones. You are purusa aka you are the spirit that resides in the body made out of the flesh. Training flesh without paying attention to the spirit (mind) will have negative consequences, and they will be similar to those that come from training the mind without paying heed to the spirit.

The goal of the yoga is to provide means for achieving peace on both psychological and physical level. Achieving one, without the other, means that you failed to understand the spirit that resides in the flesh. Yoga becomes a way of life only when you achieve the calmness and peace on both mental and physical levels. Yoga contains hundreds of poses and each, and every one of them has benefits to either one or another, and in some cases to both realms of existence.

Yoga practices that lead to equilibrium

Meditation is a perfect activity that allows you to observe the connection between the spirit and the body. It helps you purge your thoughts and allow the mind to focus on the body and all of its activity. The meditation will produce results only when you achieve a state of pure awareness where your mind is empty and without any random thoughts.
Yoga Spirit
Being aware of your surroundings is good, but yoga emphasizes the awareness of the world rather than knowledge of people and their ideals. Being able to sit back and turn off random thoughts and observe the world as it slowly revolves around you is something that every yoga practitioner should strive for.

Daily yoga practice is a must for those who seek equilibrium. It’s more beneficial to practice yoga for twenty minutes each day than to perform yoga every three days for an hour or more.

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