Yoga And Food – The Symbiosis That Works

Some consider yoga as an exercise regime similar to aerobic, while others see it as means to relax and remove excess stress. Both of those views are correct, but the yoga is more than just an exercise regime or a meditation tool. Yoga is a way of life, and I have been living it for more than a decade. Yoga encompasses all aspects of life, from physical and psychological health to what we eat.

Diet of a yoga practitioner

Yoga And FoodThe goal of the yoga practice is to live without any problems and to coexist with the nature and all of its whims. The lack of stress shows that one has come to the point in their life where they aren’t troubled by things that they can’t change. The physical state will show how one takes care of their body as that is the pillar of a healthy and satisfying life.

What we eat determines what we are and thus a common thing for a yoga practitioner is to be a vegetarian. Being at peace with nature means adapting to it and eating healthy foods that it provides. The grocery stores have gone, what now might be a question many people ask, but a yoga practitioner has already an existing alternative. In my case, it is a small garden where I grow healthy food. Even though many yoga trainers emphasize the necessity of being vegetarian, I am not like that. If you can be at peace while eating meat (from farms that aren’t cruel to animals), then that is what you should do. The focus should still be on fruit and vegetables as they bring in many healthy compounds into the body.

Yoga And FoodThe biggest sin of a yoga practitioner is to eat fast food as it contains a lot of bad compounds and no one eats it due to them liking it but because they don’t have time to sit down and eat slowly.

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