Practice Yoga According To Your Constitution

Constitution (in yoga also known as dosha) represents a unique mind-body that that is different between people. It is a blend of mental, emotional and physical characteristics of an individual and your dosha will determine which type of yoga you should practice.

Yoga doesn’t have different paths, but it contains hundreds of poses and which of them you should do, depends on your dosha. You can find out more about your constitution if you take one of the quizzes that can be found on the internet.

Vata Dosha – Calm the mind and relax the body

People whose constitution steers toward Vata should stick with poses that induce calm. Good examples of poses like that are the Vrksasana and Tadasana. Both of these two start with grounded feet which are essential for reduction of the stress and anxiety. Both of the warrior poses are also excellent because they also reduce stress while also building strength at the same time.Practice Yoga

Individuals with Vata Dosha should avoid poses that are fast-paced and those that have a lot of sequences. The goal of the poses aimed at Vata constitution is to induce calm, and thus fast-paced poses are out of the question. Speed isn’t important for a Vata Dosha. The transition between two poses should be done consciously rather than rushing to take on the new pose.

Pitta and Kapha Doshas – Two sides of the same coin

Practice YogaPitta Dosha represents people who benefit from the relaxed attitude toward all aspects of the life. Competitiveness hurts the mind, and thus those with this constitution should aim to be non-competitive and to focus on their life. Poses that are perfect for this Dosha are those that concentrate on the release of the heat rather than those that create it.

Those with Kapha Dosha require powerful poses that force them to sweat due to the amount of stamina and the strength they possess. This kind of regime would hurt others, but it’s the only way for Kapha individuals to relax and expel negative influences from their life. Know thy Constitution and practice yoga that complements it.


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