If Yoga Changed Your Life Give Me A Shout!

It’s something I hear all the time. “Yoga has changed my life!” And I always try to ask, “How? What amazes me is that the answers always reflect how practicing yoga has changed many aspects of a person’s life, not just their body.

I hear things like:
“I’m calmer with my children.”
“I take better care of myself now.”
“I just feel happier since practicing yoga.”
“I have a better community.”
“I’m less stressed and clearer.”
“I breathe better.”
“I’m more courageous.”
“I feel healthier, sleep better, eat better, ache less…”

These are just a smidgen of the responses, and typically when I ask this question people can’t stop telling me all the many ways their life changed for the better and why.

The value of yoga transcends regular exercise

I’ll be honest, sometimes people injury themselves, but usually, they learn a lot from it (about their body or pushing too hard) and heal, and sometimes the paradigm shift can throw people into a period of confusion about how they’re currently living their lives. But I’ve seen again, and again the most beneficial and profound breakthroughs come after the struggles, both physically and psychologically.
I know for me this practice, and all I’ve learned from my struggles with it has influenced my life so profoundly, and beautifully I couldn’t imagine an existence without it.

When we step up to a mindfulness practice like yoga, we’re never just working with the physical body. This might be where most of us start, and it may even remain the primary part of our practice. But the physical body is a gateway, a medium, for working with so many other aspects of yourself.

Traditional yoga philosophy says we have five bodies or layers, not just the one physical body. Each time we step on the mat or cushion we’re working with all five layers of ourselves, and the ripple effect into all parts of life is undeniable.

Yoga changes the life

As we work with our physical form, increase awareness of what the body needs for balance and move through the stagnation within it, we feel and process experiences and begin to notice which foods make us feel good.


The clearer and healthier our physical body gets the more we can sense the next more subtle layer called our pranamaya kosha or the energy body.

Prana in Sanskrit means energy, and when we work with breath in yoga, it’s called pranayama. Breathing is considered the carrier of life force energy through us. Seems logical, when we stop breathing we die.

Yoga is a way of life

Practicing yoga isn’t something I have to do, but something I want to do. If you want something new in your life that will change it, gradually to better, then you have found a right guy. Follow me, and you will be able to learn about yoga and start doing it in a matter of days.

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