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    How to Have a Healthy Indoor Space

    By Morgan Webert / 07/31/2017

    Yoga is a great hobby that leaves people healthier and happier than they were before. However, these good effects are negated if the person is living in an unhealthy space. Houses that do not promote healthy living should be avoided until they are restored to a better state. There are a few main ways that […]


      Practice Yoga According To Your Constitution

      By Morgan Webert / 05/17/2017

      Constitution (in yoga also known as dosha) represents a unique mind-body that that is different between people. It is a blend of mental, emotional and physical characteristics of an individual and your dosha will determine which type of yoga you should practice. Yoga doesn’t have different paths, but it contains hundreds of poses and which […]


        Prepare For A New Year With Proper Yoga Detox

        By Morgan Webert / 05/17/2017

        Christmas and New Year are two holidays that are close, and everyone tends to indulge in unhealthy food, drinking, and other similar activities. This is an important time of the year due to celebrations with family and friends. This isn’t wrong, but it does upset the balance of the body and the mind, and thus […]


          Yoga And Food – The Symbiosis That Works

          By Morgan Webert / 05/17/2017

          Some consider yoga as an exercise regime similar to aerobic, while others see it as means to relax and remove excess stress. Both of those views are correct, but the yoga is more than just an exercise regime or a meditation tool. Yoga is a way of life, and I have been living it for […]


            If Yoga Changed Your Life Give Me A Shout!

            By Morgan Webert / 05/17/2017

            It’s something I hear all the time. “Yoga has changed my life!” And I always try to ask, “How? What amazes me is that the answers always reflect how practicing yoga has changed many aspects of a person’s life, not just their body. I hear things like: “I’m calmer with my children.” “I take better […]

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