How to Have a More Relaxing Sleep

It goes without saying that sleep is essential for everyday activities. Sleep rejuvenates our bodies and prepares us to get up and go again the next day. Getting enough sleep is important in yoga because it allows us to empty our minds and focus on the movements. Yoga can only be beneficial to you if you are taking care of yourself by getting enough sleep. Read on to find out some common methods of getting a relaxing sleep each and every night!

Get a Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors have a lot of benefits to offer a user. First, they prevent bedbugs from climbing up onto your mattress. If you travel a lot, you might be worried about the spread of such pests. This could be causing you to lose sleep. Brands such as Malouf mattress protectors are known for being helpful against bed bugs. Mattress protectors also prevent spills from occurring on your mattress. If you are someone who enjoys having a drink on your night table during the night, you will not need to worry about spilling! This will help you get a most restful sleep, because you will have less to worry about.

Leave Your Electronics Out of the Bedroom

We spend so much time during the day using our electronics, they should not come into the bedroom as well. Many people sleep with their phone turned on nearby. When they hear a message come in, they will wake up to read it. This is not a good way to rest, because you are constantly waking yourself up. Your body does not have the necessary time to achieve REM sleep. The same goes for television. If you have one in the bedroom, you will be tempted to stay up very late watching it instead of sleeping.

Never Go to Sleep Angry

The lesson that our mothers used to enforce on us has some merit after all! If you do not resolve your hurt feelings before you go to sleep, you will have a less restful sleep. Your mind will be going over the argument that you had and the things you should have said. Do yourself a favour and apologize, or at least talk out your feelings before sleeping. Your mind will be less conflicted, and you will be able to sleep better than you would have otherwise.


Yoga is definitely a very relaxing hobby. It allows us to escape from reality for a little while. However, you can get the most benefit out of yoga if you have gotten a good sleep the night before. Getting a mattress protector, leaving your electronics out of the bedroom and never going to bed angry are good examples of ways you can improve your sleep habits. You will be able to achieve more restful sleep, and your body will reap the rewards of this. If these methods don’t work for you, keeping looking until you find a better way for yourself!


How to Have a Healthy Indoor Space

By Morgan Webert / 07/31/2017

Yoga is a great hobby that leaves people healthier and happier than they were before. However, these good effects are negated if the person is living in an unhealthy space. Houses that do not promote healthy living should be avoided until they are restored to a better state. There are a few main ways that you can improve the living conditions in your home. Read on to find out more about them!

Improve the Air Quality

When there is too much moisture in the air, everything in the house begins to get damp and ruined. This also goes for people’s health. It is not good to be constantly breathing in damp air. This moisture can result from too much humidity. A popular remedy for this problem would be investing in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers work to reduce the moisture in the air and provide better air quality overall. Check online to see different rating on dehumidifiers and which one would work best for your space.

Have Houseplants

Plants are great because they are literally giving you oxygen. Plants work by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in exchange. This makes it easier for you to breathe and live in the house. Having good air flow in a house is important, because it keeps humans healthy and on the move. As well, houseplants look and smell great. They can give your home a boost of energy, and you will feel better just by looking at them. Certain plants require more work than others to maintain them. Make sure that you have enough time and resources to properly care for the plants that you add to your home.


If you are constantly tripping over old junk that you do not use anymore, you are not living in a healthy environment. Holding onto old items that never get used works to lower your spirits and depress you. You may also get stuck in the cycle of hoarding, and never being able to get rid of useless things. Try minimizing the number of things that you have in your life. Downsize as much as possible so that you can live your life to the fullest! Remember that it is not the stuff that is important; it is the memories that you make and the people you make them with.


Yoga will benefit you the most if you are living in a healthy environment. If you want to take the first step to improving your home environment, try out one of these tips. Improving the air quality, having houseplants and decluttering are great options! If you take the time to improve the place where you live, you will start to feel so much better. It will be as though a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulders, and you will be glad that you did it. Then you can start to really enjoy the hobbies that you love, such as yoga and other physical activities.


Yoga – The Balance Of The Body And The Spirit

Yoga isn’t just focused on stress relief or calming oneself. No, yoga represents an art that helps one to reach a state in which both their body and their mind are at peace. It’s not easy to arrive at that state as it took me more than a decade even though I dedicated my life to yoga. But you don’t have to do that because yoga is the path to the goal as much as it is a goal.

The connection between the body and the mind

Yoga SpiritThere is one thing that all of you have to realize, and that is what makes us human. You aren’t just a sum of flesh and bones. You are purusa aka you are the spirit that resides in the body made out of the flesh. Training flesh without paying attention to the spirit (mind) will have negative consequences, and they will be similar to those that come from training the mind without paying heed to the spirit.

The goal of the yoga is to provide means for achieving peace on both psychological and physical level. Achieving one, without the other, means that you failed to understand the spirit that resides in the flesh. Yoga becomes a way of life only when you achieve the calmness and peace on both mental and physical levels. Yoga contains hundreds of poses and each, and every one of them has benefits to either one or another, and in some cases to both realms of existence.

Yoga practices that lead to equilibrium

Meditation is a perfect activity that allows you to observe the connection between the spirit and the body. It helps you purge your thoughts and allow the mind to focus on the body and all of its activity. The meditation will produce results only when you achieve a state of pure awareness where your mind is empty and without any random thoughts.
Yoga Spirit
Being aware of your surroundings is good, but yoga emphasizes the awareness of the world rather than knowledge of people and their ideals. Being able to sit back and turn off random thoughts and observe the world as it slowly revolves around you is something that every yoga practitioner should strive for.

Daily yoga practice is a must for those who seek equilibrium. It’s more beneficial to practice yoga for twenty minutes each day than to perform yoga every three days for an hour or more.

Practice Yoga According To Your Constitution

Constitution (in yoga also known as dosha) represents a unique mind-body that that is different between people. It is a blend of mental, emotional and physical characteristics of an individual and your dosha will determine which type of yoga you should practice.

Yoga doesn’t have different paths, but it contains hundreds of poses and which of them you should do, depends on your dosha. You can find out more about your constitution if you take one of the quizzes that can be found on the internet.

Vata Dosha – Calm the mind and relax the body

People whose constitution steers toward Vata should stick with poses that induce calm. Good examples of poses like that are the Vrksasana and Tadasana. Both of these two start with grounded feet which are essential for reduction of the stress and anxiety. Both of the warrior poses are also excellent because they also reduce stress while also building strength at the same time.Practice Yoga

Individuals with Vata Dosha should avoid poses that are fast-paced and those that have a lot of sequences. The goal of the poses aimed at Vata constitution is to induce calm, and thus fast-paced poses are out of the question. Speed isn’t important for a Vata Dosha. The transition between two poses should be done consciously rather than rushing to take on the new pose.

Pitta and Kapha Doshas – Two sides of the same coin

Practice YogaPitta Dosha represents people who benefit from the relaxed attitude toward all aspects of the life. Competitiveness hurts the mind, and thus those with this constitution should aim to be non-competitive and to focus on their life. Poses that are perfect for this Dosha are those that concentrate on the release of the heat rather than those that create it.

Those with Kapha Dosha require powerful poses that force them to sweat due to the amount of stamina and the strength they possess. This kind of regime would hurt others, but it’s the only way for Kapha individuals to relax and expel negative influences from their life. Know thy Constitution and practice yoga that complements it.


Prepare For A New Year With Proper Yoga Detox

Christmas and New Year are two holidays that are close, and everyone tends to indulge in unhealthy food, drinking, and other similar activities. This is an important time of the year due to celebrations with family and friends. This isn’t wrong, but it does upset the balance of the body and the mind, and thus you will have to take several steps to enter a new year without any stress or regrets.

Proper Yoga Detox

Detoxification is the process that expels all harmful elements from the body and the mind. Yoga has means to help you expel all that would hinder you in a new year when you have to be at your best.

Detoxification is several simple steps

Proper Yoga DetoxNew Year Detox, in yoga, is a collection of yoga exercises that purges all harmful elements you might have collected in the current year. There is no need to prepare for this for several weeks as all you need are the yoga mat and your dedication as well as knowledge about following exercises.

Three-legged downward-facing dog pose is simple as it is a bit more complex variation of a classic Downward dog. The point of this pose is to allow the blood to circulate throughout the body as well as to allow fluid to go to the lymph nodes.  I like this pose because it also reduces the stress and induces the state of relaxation that only a few other poses can.

Locust pose is one of the simplest yoga poses, and it provides strength for the whole body, and it also encourages excellent posture. Other benefits of this pose include better digestion and better heart health. It’s created to stimulate the release of all the things you don’t require.

Plow pose may look simple, but it requires a lot of meditation to spend more than one mine in this pose. It also provides a lot of benefits including the stimulation of the bladder, kidneys, abdominal organs and ovaries. It’s also perfect for stretching back muscles and aligning the spine while also improving the posture to prevent long-term issues that arise from having a bad posture.

Yoga And Food – The Symbiosis That Works

Some consider yoga as an exercise regime similar to aerobic, while others see it as means to relax and remove excess stress. Both of those views are correct, but the yoga is more than just an exercise regime or a meditation tool. Yoga is a way of life, and I have been living it for more than a decade. Yoga encompasses all aspects of life, from physical and psychological health to what we eat.

Diet of a yoga practitioner

Yoga And FoodThe goal of the yoga practice is to live without any problems and to coexist with the nature and all of its whims. The lack of stress shows that one has come to the point in their life where they aren’t troubled by things that they can’t change. The physical state will show how one takes care of their body as that is the pillar of a healthy and satisfying life.

What we eat determines what we are and thus a common thing for a yoga practitioner is to be a vegetarian. Being at peace with nature means adapting to it and eating healthy foods that it provides. The grocery stores have gone, what now might be a question many people ask, but a yoga practitioner has already an existing alternative. In my case, it is a small garden where I grow healthy food. Even though many yoga trainers emphasize the necessity of being vegetarian, I am not like that. If you can be at peace while eating meat (from farms that aren’t cruel to animals), then that is what you should do. The focus should still be on fruit and vegetables as they bring in many healthy compounds into the body.

Yoga And FoodThe biggest sin of a yoga practitioner is to eat fast food as it contains a lot of bad compounds and no one eats it due to them liking it but because they don’t have time to sit down and eat slowly.

If Yoga Changed Your Life Give Me A Shout!

It’s something I hear all the time. “Yoga has changed my life!” And I always try to ask, “How? What amazes me is that the answers always reflect how practicing yoga has changed many aspects of a person’s life, not just their body.

I hear things like:
“I’m calmer with my children.”
“I take better care of myself now.”
“I just feel happier since practicing yoga.”
“I have a better community.”
“I’m less stressed and clearer.”
“I breathe better.”
“I’m more courageous.”
“I feel healthier, sleep better, eat better, ache less…”

These are just a smidgen of the responses, and typically when I ask this question people can’t stop telling me all the many ways their life changed for the better and why.

The value of yoga transcends regular exercise

I’ll be honest, sometimes people injury themselves, but usually, they learn a lot from it (about their body or pushing too hard) and heal, and sometimes the paradigm shift can throw people into a period of confusion about how they’re currently living their lives. But I’ve seen again, and again the most beneficial and profound breakthroughs come after the struggles, both physically and psychologically.
I know for me this practice, and all I’ve learned from my struggles with it has influenced my life so profoundly, and beautifully I couldn’t imagine an existence without it.

When we step up to a mindfulness practice like yoga, we’re never just working with the physical body. This might be where most of us start, and it may even remain the primary part of our practice. But the physical body is a gateway, a medium, for working with so many other aspects of yourself.

Traditional yoga philosophy says we have five bodies or layers, not just the one physical body. Each time we step on the mat or cushion we’re working with all five layers of ourselves, and the ripple effect into all parts of life is undeniable.

Yoga changes the life

As we work with our physical form, increase awareness of what the body needs for balance and move through the stagnation within it, we feel and process experiences and begin to notice which foods make us feel good.


The clearer and healthier our physical body gets the more we can sense the next more subtle layer called our pranamaya kosha or the energy body.

Prana in Sanskrit means energy, and when we work with breath in yoga, it’s called pranayama. Breathing is considered the carrier of life force energy through us. Seems logical, when we stop breathing we die.

Yoga is a way of life

Practicing yoga isn’t something I have to do, but something I want to do. If you want something new in your life that will change it, gradually to better, then you have found a right guy. Follow me, and you will be able to learn about yoga and start doing it in a matter of days.

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